SAP Archiving Services 

SAP, a leading enterprise software company, provides various archive solutions as part of its portfolio. At Clogration we design the solutions are to help organizations efficiently manage and store their data while ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Here are some SAP archive solutions.

SAP Data Archiving

This solution enables organizations to move data from their live production systems to a secure archive storage, reducing the size of the production database and improving system performance. Archived data remains accessible for reporting and analysis purposes.

SAP Document Access

Formerly known as SAP Archivelink, SAP Document Access provides a centralized repository for storing and managing documents such as invoices, contracts and personnel files. It integrates with various SAP applications and enables users to access and retrieve documents directly from the SAP interface.

SAP Content Server

The SAP Content Server is the underlying infrastructure that supports document management in SAP systems. It provides a secure and scalable repository for storing documents, both within the SAP environment and in external storage systems.

SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

SAP ILM is a comprehensive solution for managing data throughout its lifecycle. It helps organizations define data retention policies, classify data according to its value and risk and automate data archiving and deletion processes.

SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management (XECM)

This solution integrates content management capabilities with SAP applications, enabling organizations to manage structured and unstructured content in a unified manner. It supports document management, records management and collaboration features.