Data Migration & Services 

SAP Data Migration services provide a robust platform that offers scalability, predictability and enhanced responsiveness. SAP Data Migration services double up as a cloud-based solution, leveraging dynamic Machine Learning and automation for fulfilling the migration agenda, while also enhancing the data quality for mitigating risks and minimizing costs related to data gaps and insufficient quality data. SAP Data Migration is natively integrated with SAP Data Services and aims at accelerating the go-live agenda of SAP applications through automation, prebuilt content and expert services.

Clogration offers extensive data migration services, accomplishing data extraction from source systems, data cleansing, loading the combined data to the target system and implementing Master Data Governance. This allows the centralized creation, change, distribution and consolidation of the master data across the enterprise system landscape.

Data Migration – SAP S/4HANA – The Best Practices

» SAP advisory services to the business for data management issues and advice on data migration/integration strategies

» SAP Data Services

» Smart Data integration

» SQL tools

» S/4HANA Data Migration (Data migration Cockpit)

Framework and tools for Data migration

Clogration extends data migration services for all three types of transition scenarios – from legacy systems or SAP Business Suites to Cloud or on-premise editions, including new implementation, system conversion and landscape transformation. SAP Data Migration services provide comprehensive migration solutions for businesses of all sizes to facilitate the shift with reduced testing efforts, minimum downtime and minimized cost overruns.